Rain Protection for Cyclists

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a new rain protection device for bikes?

Cycling on sunny days is really fun, but problems arise when it starts raining. As passionate everyday cyclists we have been frustrated with the standard solutions for rain protection such as capes or rainwear. Everybody knows the problem of sweating while wearing rain pants and slickers. Putting on these things also always needs some artistic skills. Finally you arrive at your office, theater, restaurant... Now what to do with the wet stuff?

What are the advantages of the new system?

The new Under-Cover system combines an umbrella with a cape. The enlarged umbrella has an opening for the cycler's head, which is covered by a hood. The cycler gets an easy to use roof that can be compactly stored in a sheath on the bike's frame. It offers protection from rain as well as wind, also with comfortable thermal conditions: A removable hood for your bike.

Will I stay dry?

Many people have tested and are happy with the device. But be warned: water does not only come from the sky. One reason for wet shoes and trousers is the water that is kicked up from the bike's front wheel. So we recommend the usage of good mudguards for your bike.

What is the influence of wind?

Due to its bent shape, the air resistance of Under-Cover is decreased slightly as the wind does not hit towards the cyclist's body from the front. Wind from behind will give some extra speed. Strong side wind will have some influence. So be careful on stormy days.

How do I store the umbrella?

The telescopic mechanism ensures a compact collapsed length of the folded umbrella. Stored in a case that is connected to the bike's frame, so it is always available and ready to use.

Who invented it?

More than two decades ago, I, Thomas Schmidt, founded the development company exergia. As a trained physicist, in addition to my special interest in the subject of energy, I am always fascinated by new technical approaches that solve certain everyday problems "better". The question of a comfortable rain protection for the bike led to the development of the under-cover bike umbrella.

When and where to buy?

Work in progress :o)